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Welcome to the IMPRINT project website!

Impacts of Microclimatic Processes on foRest bIodiversity redistributioN under macroclimaTe warming


March 2024: our research is featured at the Nordic Oikos conference!

You can download the poster below and associated preprint manuscript, data & code here on Figshare!

Curious about LiDAR? Here is a sample of LiDAR data for the forest of Mormal!

Thanks to our cartographer Emilie, you can freely walk around the millions of 3D points below:

Here is the global project thread:

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Beginning of the IMPRINT project

Funding obtained from the ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche) for 2019 – 2023

See the stakes of the project: Why is it so important to model microclimate?
See the objectives and methods

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Intercalibration of HOBO and TMS sensors

From -20°C to +50°C
(using a freezer, two cold chambers, a phytotron, an oven…)

See data collection for more detail about the sensors

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First field session in the three forests
(Mormal, Blois and Aigoual)

Installing HOBO climatic sensors
Dendrometric surveys
Estimating canopy cover

See study area to learn more about our sampling design
See data collection for more detail about the field protocol

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pH measurements

From our soil samples collected on the field

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Mobilization of the RENECOFOR network

Installation of TMS sensors by ONF agents:
– in the center of deciduous RENECOFOR plots
– in nearby open, fully lighted environments

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Second field session on the three forests

Floristic and faunistic (ground arthropods) surveys

See data collection to know more about biodiversity survey

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LiDAR remote sensing

Airborne LiDAR scanning on the three forests
3D Data treatment to obtain fine ground and canopy surface models

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Analysis and feedback to society

Modelling, using collected data

Communication of results to the scientific community, environment and forestry professionnals, and the general public

Diffusion of all project data in open-access data on

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Go directly to:

Photo Gallery (in the lab / in the field)

Publications scientific & popular science

– Interactive map of our study areas

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